Guest hosted by Yannis Pappas. We have Sam Morril, Mike Brown, and Jason Rouse. We meet Jason Rouse, who is one Hardcore Canadian. Yannis gets fumed when Deepu mentions that he got approached by a talent agent.This was a fun one! Enjoy!

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This week on YKWD: We have Cipha Sounds, Stavros Halkias, Jack Leary, and Phil Hanley. We welcome first time guest, Cipha Sounds, who was a legendary radio personality at Hot 97.1 for 17 years. We find out why Stavros comes in swinging and misses by a long shot. And Bobby does an impression that we think may be Irish/Canadian.

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This week on YKWD: We have Yannis Pappas, Nicky Cody, Tim Dillon and Lenny Marcus . Recorded the night the Mets clinched the NLCS, we reminisce about sports from our youth. We also get to know Tim, who's lived a fascinating life. Nick Cody takes a beating for being Australian, but the chat room comes to his defense.

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It's a special live edition recorded at the Village Underground Lounge! We have Dan Soder, Joe List, and two very special guests! Who? You'll have to tune in to find out. This is an absolute classic. Huge thanks to Noam, Liz, and Mike from the Comedy Cellar for making all this possible. Enjoy!

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This week on ykwd: we have Zac Amico, Paul Virzi, Aaron Berg,the Landlord, Noam and Mike Lawrence. We find out everyone's had something gay happen to them, talk about Steve Rannazissi's appearance on Howard stern, and celebrate Bobby's birthday.  Also we get a surprise drop in by Kelly Fastuca!!!!!!!!

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We have a special show for you Dudes.  This week Bobby sits down with Al Madrigal, Brian Posehn, Arthur Simeon and Rob Mailloux at the Toronto Just for Laughs festival.  It comes from Toronto's famous Comedy bar C.C. in front of a packed crowd.  Get ready to laugh your asses off #Dudes!!!!!

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This week on ykwd: We have Sam Roberts, his "Guy" Adrian, Zac Amico and Stavros Halkias. We welcome for the first time two guests into the new studio.  The famed booker of the Comedy Cellar, Estée, walks in and shares a couple of stories. Zac shows us his Prince Albert and Sam talks about his wife having kids. 

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This week on ykwd
Bobby, Scopo and Deepu welcome comedians Mark Normand, Phil Hanley, K.C. Arora and Lori Palmeteri. 
Mark shares his beef with Americas Got Talent and other comedy competitions.
Phil talks about his neck injury that he suffered from an intense writing session. Scopo is unsure if someone stole his idea for a series and the crew discuss it.

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This week on YKWD we have comedians Chris Distefano, Andrew Schulz, Dan Frigolette,  actor Mark Gessner and producers Tom Sellitti and Jim Serpico. We discuss the Steve Rannazzisi story, send a text to send to Captain America A.K.A. Chris Evans, and talk about the new IFC show, BENDERS!


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Robert is joined by Paul Virzi, Joe Giordano, KC and Yuri from @GoodStickGoodStick.

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